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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we provide?
ODS provides quite a few services. If you have a dialup, dsl, cable or any other connection where your IP frequently changes, ODS can provide you with ONE name (e.g. myhost.ods.org) to know your machine by. This is called Dynamic DNS. This gives you the ability to run things such as web services, ftp services or anything even if your IP is dynamic. We offer over 10 domain names which you can choose from, so not only can you have myhost.ods.org, but myhost.ftphost.net and many others.
If none of our domain names are to your satisfaction, you may host your own domain name at ODS. $20/year for up to 5 domains! Domains can be registered by you with your favorite registrar (e.g. DirectNIC or GoDaddy). If you have not registered the domain, then you will not be able to access it. Domains must be registered through a registrar before they can be accessed globally.

How does your dynamic DNS service work?
You install ODS client software on your computer. The client software communicates with ODS' servers to tell it what your current IP address is. That address is then mapped to a static hostname at ODS which can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet.

What domain names can I use?
At present you can register a name with the form of yourname.ods.org, or over 10 other unique domains. You are also able to use names such as www.yourname.com. We can register the domains for you for $25/year, however we will currently only register .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz. If you wish to have a domain from another country besides the US, you may purchase a domain from the appropriate registrar yourself, and we can then set you up to use it with ODS.

Can I use this service to run my own web server?
Yes. However, you will first have to install and configure web server software -- such as Apache -- on your computer. You can also set up your own e-mail, FTP, IRC and telnet service. Shareware sites such as DaveCentral list many Windows and Linux applications suitable for these purposes.

How much does it cost?
Our most affordable service is our public domains service which is $5/year as long as you're using one of our public domains (e.g. ods.org, ftphost.net, etc). Private domains such as www.yourdomain.com are $20/year for up to 5 domains plus the cost of domain registration ($25/year per domain if we register it for you.)
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