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Dynamic DNS - $5/yr - In short, ODS' primary service is to provide low cost hostnames to enable individuals with a dynamic IP to have their computers be always reachable via a static hostname. With the assistance of our client, your hostname can be automatically updated with your latest IP address each time you reconnect to your ISP or each time your IP changes. If you are unfamiliar with how DNS works, please refer to the diagram below.
If you already have an ODS account, click here to add a dynamic DNS subscription to your account.

DNS Diagram

Private Domains - $20/yr - Use our nameservers to host up to 5 domains (no host limit on private domains). Provides 3 nameservers* throughout the world for your domain name. The Private Domain service allows you to control every aspect of your domain name, such as where to redirect and where to send email. Please note that you need to have your domain(s) already registered with a domain registrar in order to use this service. New subscriptions are disabled
*Nameservers are required in order for your domain name to work, i.e. in order for your site to appear in someone's browser
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