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Subscription-only transition

12/04/03 @ 04:33
The transition to subscription based dynamic DNS will be completed shortly. If you find your host is no longer working over the next few days it is because we have not received a payment from you. Please click here to re-activate your account.

Outage List

05/04/03 @ 18:35
A mailing list has now been set up for those wishing to be notified of scheduled maintenance, click here for more information.


04/01/02 @ 18:27
Due to recent abuse of our services, we have created an abuse form. To report abuse, please fill in the requested data and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Some major updates to ODS!

12/11/02 @ 04:56
Click here to find out more!

Support Section

06/29/02 @ 22:43
Some of you may know this, but Scott has made a handy support section with a few tutorials and such. Check it out.

New UNIX ODS Client

01/08/02 @ 01:06
A new unix version of ODS Client and it is recommended that everyone upgrade. Please click here for more information.

Private domains announcement

11/12/01 @ 05:56
Many things happened today! For one, private domains now exist! Secondly, MX records are now possible, as well as NS records as long as they are on your own domain. Please see the Announcements forum for more information on private domains!

Some news!

08/27/2001 @ 05:43 EDT
A few things. First off, we now have a protocol spec that is linked to from this page for anyone interested in writing a client or just interested about the protocol. Thanks to Scott Taggart for the protocol spec. I also fixed the link to the 3rd party unix client, it is now mirrored on ods.org. And last but definitely not least, we are in the process of implementing private domains (for hosting your domains on ODS.) More information has been announced in the forums! -geniusj

Small downtime and new domain!

07/23/2001 @ 19:48 EDT
We had/are having some downtime with some domains currently. We moved the main ODS server to a much faster line and a different location. This means, however, that our IP block has changed which required some working with NSI. Some NS's might have the old DNS information cached which could make us inaccessable during this period. Hopefully it will all be fine by tomorrow. On the bright side however, a new domain is available for use with ODS. The domain name is nofw.org and it brings us to a total of 10 domains! -geniusj

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